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11 Questions: Evan Lee

By Marion Cole, 09/03/20, 12:45PM EDT


Welcome back to 11 Questions presented by Piedmont Natural Gas -- a weekly questionnaire series designed for you to get to know the people that make up Greenville Triumph Soccer Club. Each week, our own Marion Cole will ask someone from the organization the same ten questions, but the eleventh question will be from the previous interviewee. With players, coaches, and front office staff involved, we hope to bring you a fun look inside our club!

This week, I'm joined by veteran central defender, Evan Lee. Evan is a native Ohio and one of the handful of players on Triumph SC's current roster who have FC Cincinnati ties. That's where Evan spent his 2016 rookie season, before heading to then USL Championship side Richmond Kickers for two seasons. Evan was a key player during Greenville's inaugural championship run. He logged over 2,500 minutes on the field while recording 24 interceptions, 84 clearances and one assist. 

1. If you had a podcast, what would it be about and why?

Sports, any and all. Sports have been my life ever since I was young. I never really watched many of the TV shows that kids are supposed to watch. Instead it was football games, basketball, soccer and baseball.

Did you play sports other than soccer growing up?

I played baseball when I was younger, but I played basketball seriously throughout.

2. How do you decompress after a long week of work or training?

I like to go on drives into the mountains. Mountains are definitely my favorite landscape. Since we can't go hiking really, driving is the best way to see the world. 

3. What’s the most memorable meal you’ve ever had and why?

In general, family Thanksgiving meals. The food is all homemade, but more importantly, the company makes it all taste better. We'll always have ham, turkey, green beans and potatoes, cornbread, stuffing and some kind of dessert.

Important question: Do you or do you not put cranberry sauce on your stuffing/dressing?

No cranberry sauce for me.

4. What was the most nervous you’ve ever been?

Probably telling my parents that I wanted to switch my major for the last semester of my schooling so that I could leave a semester early and play professionally. I was an originally an Early Education major, but could not student teach and play professionally. So, I switched to a History major and finished my classes online. Thrilling, I know.

5. If you’re up at 2AM on a Saturday night, what are you eating?

I am in bed by 9pm every night except game nights. So after a game, I will crush some pizza. If I'm feeling really wild, I'll get a milkshake from somewhere. Doesn't matter where from.

What's your go-to flavor?

My go-to flavor is a simple chocolate shake.

6. What’s something you learned recently that blew your mind?

I always knew that one human year was seven dog years but it blew my mind to realize that one hour to me is also like seven hours to my dog. It explains why Murphy is so happy to see me when I come home from practice. Him not exercising or going to a dog park for just one day is equivalent to me not exercising for seven days. That's wild stuff. 

7. Triumph SC announces they’re bringing a celebrity to the next match and wondering if you have enough time to say, “Hello.” Who’s the celebrity you’re most excited to have at a match?

Didier Drogba. The reason I am a Chelsea supporter. May 19th, 2012. WHAT A DAY!

What happened on May 19th, 2012?

May 19th, 2012 was when Chelsea won the Champions League Final. Drogba scored in overtime and had the winning pen in the shootout.

8. What’s the most memorable sports moment you’ve had as a fan?

Probably the Ohio State vs. That Team Up North in 2006. I am a huge Buckeye fan, so watching the top two teams in the country, up to that point, play against each other was awesome. Go Bucks!

9. What sporting event have you always wanted to go to and why?

Chelsea vs Manchester United at Stamford Bridge. My brother is a massive United fan so it would be a fun trip for us.

10. If you’re part of a PK lineup, what number are you taking your penalty kick?

Five. You score. You celebrate. Easy.

11. Triumph Club president, Chris Lewis, wanted me to ask you, "If you weren't a professional athlete, what career path would you have pursued?"

I would be a preschool teacher. I worked at a preschool for three years in college, and those was some of my favorite memories.

Next week, I'm speaking with the the head of Soccer Operations, Marcus Siler. What would you like me to ask Marcus?

Marcus has brought this group a surprising amount of positive banter. No one knew he was capable of being such a funny individual. So Marcus, what is something else about you that the team would be pleasantly surprised to know?

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