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Club Statement on Societal Issues and Unity

By Greenville Triumph, 09/11/20, 5:15PM EDT


In recent weeks, our club has held a number of conversations with players, coaches, and front office staff to discuss the societal issues that our local community, and the country at large, are facing today. Our club is a microcosm of our community and our country: people of different genders, races, nationalities, backgrounds, and viewpoints. Our club is also a family. Just like any other family, we may disagree with one another on certain issues and have different opinions and viewpoints. However, when it comes to core principles and values that serve as the foundation of our club, we know we are together as one soccer family.

We also know we agree and are aligned on a number of things. We respect and honor our country, our military and our first responders. We respect the Constitutional rights afforded to all of us, which include the rights to peacefully protest and exercise our freedom of speech. Furthermore, we are united, on and off the field. United against racism. United against social injustice. United for equality. United for our fans, our city and our Upstate community. And we are most definitely united in our mission to bring joy and positive impact to our community through this great game. It is our hope that our supporters, fans and partners will join us in this mission.

We fully and completely understand that the issues we currently face in our society require action. We are prepared to act and have already taken steps to do our part to drive positive and constructive conversation in our community, promote and advance education on the challenges and social issues that must be confronted and have our club serve as a unifying force within the Upstate.


As a club, we will:

  • Establish Election Day as a paid holiday for all employees and encourage them to use the day to exercise their right to vote and make their voices heard.
  • Encourage Triumph fans to register to vote and find their local polling places.
  • Establish an internal committee of players, coaches, and staff to determine the paths that club will take to actively engage in the conversation, the partners with whom we will work to take action and advance education about the societal issues we must face and overcome.
  • Establish a Greenville Triumph foundation, with one of the main objectives being to provide access to the sport of soccer to disadvantaged people and areas in Upstate South Carolina.
  • Triumph Chairman Joe Erwin has joined the newly-formed Greenville Racial Equity and Economic Mobility (REEM) Commission.
  • Work with our players on awareness and fundraising initiatives that will engage and support Upstate organizations aimed at fostering, strengthening and supporting education and action related to racial equality and social justice.


We understand that while we can have different opinions and viewpoints, we can also come together and rally around core beliefs and values. We also understand that action is required to effectuate change. We are taking that action and welcome the support of our fellow community members in pushing forward the conversation, promoting and providing education and working to unify the great place in which we live, work and play. TOGETHER We Triumph.

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