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2021 Match Day Policies

By Greenville Triumph, 04/28/21, 3:45PM EDT


Q&A with Director of Stadium Operations Trey Kolak and Bravo1 Protection

As we get closer to welcoming fans back to Triumph Stadium at Legacy Early College, we wanted to remind our fans and community members about a few key match day policies in place for the 2021 season. This interview, with Triumph SC Director of Stadium Operations Trey Kolak, is brought to you by Bravo 1 Protection services. Bravo1 Protection is Upstate South Carolina's leading private security company specializing in hospitality-driven armed and unarmed services.

What services does Bravo1 Protection provide to the Triumph?

Bravo provides several different services for us during match days starting with security personnel and armed guards. For most fans, the Bravo1 staff are the first people you come into contact with as they perform bag checks and wanding upon your entrance into the stadium. They also provide security escorts for all players and the officials.

What type of positions do they cover inside Triumph Stadium at Legacy Early College?

Bravo personnel cover all Field-Level entrances and general Field-Level security points. They are also positioned in front of all "Player and Staff Only" entrances including home player locker rooms, away player locker rooms and the referee locker rooms. Bravo escorts teams and officials to and from these entrances as well. For fans specifically, they will most likely come into contact with Bravo1 Protection personnel at the stadium entrances.

Speaking of entrances and bag checks, what are fans allowed, or not allowed, to bring into Triumph Stadium?

Some key items not allowed into the stadium on a match day would be umbrellas, food and beverages, purses and strollers. We actually have an extensive A-Z guide on our website that will cover this question more extensively, but below are a few more common prohibited items on Triumph match day:

  • cigarettes and e-cigarettes
  • beach balls, noise makers, aerosol cans, plastic horns or whistles
  • coolers and any food containers
  • backpacks, luggage, camera bags, briefcases of any kind
  • professional camera equipment
  • launching objects and confetti
  • fireworks and weapons
  • pets (except for service animals)
What COVID-19 policies does Bravo1 help enforce throughout match day?

Bravo helps us emphasize the importance of mask-wearing throughout the stadium. They will not let you enter the gates without a mask, and they also ensure fans are keeping their masks on throughout the match. One other thing Bravo helps us with, in regards to COVID-19 policies specifically, is the social distancing aspect. Bravo personnel will make sure that fans are meeting the social distance requirements when standing in line for food, drinks, restrooms and other potentially high-traffic areas.

What has been the most impressionable to you regarding the Bravo company and their services?

Bravo has been an impressive and easy company to work with on several fronts. I've been most impressed with their professionalism and attitude. Their staff is always upbeat, kid-friendly and extremely respectful to both my staff and our fans. They preach punctuality which is essential to keeping our operation running on a smooth schedule.

The Triumph return home to Legacy Early College this Saturday, May 1 for a 7pm kickoff off against the 2019 USL League One Champions, North Texas SC. 

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