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Partner Spotlight: Ricardo Cuevas Orthopedic Massage Therapy

By Greenville Triumph, 12/02/21, 6:30PM EST


Ricardo Cuevas' experience keeps Triumph players healthy during long season

Greenville, SC - In all three seasons of its existence, the Greenville Triumph Soccer Club has reached the USL League One Playoffs. In addition to great talent and coaching on the field, the club's performance partners behind the scenes share much of the credit for keeping the team fit. In 2021, Triumph massage therapist Ricardo Cuevas brought his extensive experience in integrated orthopedic massage in a partnership that has been a big lift to the players throughout the long season.

Cuevas has been practicing for over thirty years, after the discipline of orthopedic massage resonated with him while exploring physical therapy as a career option, leading him to train with Lynn Wind in Hawaii. His services aren't limited to professional athletes, as Cuevas sees patients from all disciplines looking to improve their quality of life.

"My favorite part of this work is the relationship-building," said Cuevas. "I have many long-time clients from New York to Hawaii, Florida to Cabo San Lucas, and I've had the privilege of sharing life experiences and developing life-long friendships with them. This aspect of my journey has been the blessing that continues to provide authentic direction to my practice. Doing it this long, you've got to love it and devote yourself to it. I take great pride knowing my works helps people, and I love doing it."

Ricardo Cuevas has worked with many players on the Triumph this season, and he helped the club rebound from a large number of injuries in the first half of the season to make a run to the 2021 USL League One Final.

"Working with the Triumph has been outstanding," said Cuevas. It's been an absolute pleasure to be a part of this club. The guys know their bodies well and come to me with specific feedback to address their conditions or injuries. My goal when seeing them is to provide the most appropriate treatment to improve function, decrease pain and inflammation in order to maximize their physical capabilities when it's time for them to perform, and I think that translates to anyone I see, regardless of what they do for a living."

Ricardo treats people with a wide range of issues. Those with chronic issues interested in mitigating the affects, people looking to avoid surgery, and people returning from injuries can all be helped with Ricardo's expertise. His client-specific work begins with an assessment of the patient's condition and then a session and plan tailored to the individual's needs.

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